Generally known Infos about (african) Waistbeads

Their origin is in africa 

...from ancient egypt to nowadays mostly west african countrys like Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, ... (more) . There exist various reasons to wear waistbeads & therefore a lot of meanings. Just to name a few:

  • for protection & good health
  • sign of femininity & sensuality, hidden from others (underneath the clothes) only meant to be seen by herself or her partner
  • for reasons of beauty - to shape the waist &/ measure the weight
  • initialisation into womanhood 

African Waistbeads are usually worn permanently (ends get tightly knotted),- but these days you find them also with clasps - to take them on and off as you like it !

Infos about @JahriART 'Magic Waistbeads'

...handmade in Love & Ceremony - in Hamburg, Germany by ME & my hands - aware, in respect & gratitude of my  african heritage.


They are made for BEings who want to celebrate &/ or raise the awareness for their Body temple.

@JahriART 'Magic Waistbeads' are the perfect tool for initiation rites ( such as e.g. into womanhood, motherhood, sisterhood, ... ) and many other special events like maybe coronations, celebrations & the act of self_love &/ loving others. 


They bring Healing, Hope & Happiness to You through love, attention, only positive Energies.


Every "JahriART Magic Waistbeads" comes with a special (Energy of) intention - so please choose mindfully on the basis of their names & looks and how they make YOU FEEL !!!


You can get them with clasps or without.

Apply them where they feel good for You 



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PLEASE do not forget to send your wanted waist circumference length - as NOTE TO THE ORDER at the CHECKOUT !!!

If we don`t receive any informations from You, you will get the waistbeads and can install the clasps on your own - wherever you want them to be.




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